RN171plus Temp/RH Data Logger
RN171plus Temp/RH Data Logger
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RN171plus Temp/RH Data Logger

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Product Description

The RN171plus device is designed to transmit the measured gases or thermal data via Ethernet to the destination. The destination would be an information system such as public cloud, local server, and even PC. The RN171plus device has a display on the front to show the data value and it has an alarm output with the range threshold values. Data can be transmitted to the user's server through MODBUS TCP and HTTP communication. In addition, with the cloud-based web monitoring service Radionode365, you can use a real-time dashboard, emergency SMS/Voice alarm, report generation and mail delivery scheduling function. Get CDC Compliant!




 Key Features

  • Support Variable Sensor cartridges
  • Support POE (Power of Ethernet)
  • 4 Digit LED Display, 2 Lines
  • Support MODBUS TCP, HTTP, Cloud Storage
  • Alerts (Text Message, Voice Call)
  • Internal Sound Buzzer


Sensor cartridge type

Measured substance Cartridge Model Measurement Range
Temp & RH UA10

CH1: Temp. -40~80℃

CH2: R.H. 5~95%RH


Package Inclusions

RN171plus ethernet(LAN) digital datalogger

① 1pcs storage box
② Quickstart guide, Calibration sheet, Sensor tag sticker
③ 1pcs RN171WC body
④ 1pcs RN171WC sensor cover
⑤ 1pcs USB cable for setting (1.5M)




 Option 1. Temp & RH sensor cartridge











① 1pcs storage box
② Quickstart guide, Calibration sheet
③ 1pcs UA10 sensor cartridge (MEMS)
    * No need to additional temp./humidity sensor.


Lead Time

2 Weeks


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